LuckyBid allows anyone, anywhere to win valuable blue chip NFTs and real world assets (RWA) with small investments.

how it works?
  • 01
    Bob would love to own an asset (e.g. a floor CryptoPunks NFT, gold bars, or a luxury watch), but he doesn’t currently have enough funds to acquire such a high-priced asset.
  • 02
    He comes to LuckyBid’s dapp and purchases one or more tickets to secure his spot as a potential new owner of the asset in the upcoming draw.
  • 03
    Once the tickets have sold out, LuckyBid will use Stargate to bridge ETH to Ethereum mainnet and purchase the NFT on OpenSea or Blur.
  • 04
    Then the NFT will be bridged to Layer2 chain via LayerZero and the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) will be used to select the winner with a 100% provably fair draw.
  • 05
    The bridged NFT will immediately be transferred to the lucky owner’s wallet address (in this case, our old friend Bob) while other contributors will receive rewards for their active participation.
  • 06
    A new draw will automatically begin to create a continuous flow of opportunity for Bob and other Layer2 traders.
Key Benefits for LuckyBid Users
  • Buy rare NFTs for a fraction of the floor price
    benefit 1
  • Bid to Earn
    benefit 2
  • Refer to Earn
    benefit 3
  • 100x Lower Gas Fee
    benefit 4
  • 100% Provably Fair and Trustless Draws
    benefit 5
  • Permissionless and no KYC Required
    benefit 6
  • Continuous Draws
    benefit 7
What is LuckyBid?LuckyBid is a gamified NFT marketplace that has been innovated to offer significant opportunities to traders on leading L2 chains like Arbitrum and BASE. Users have the chance to own extremely valuable Ethereum blue-chip NFTs and RWAs at a fraction of their actual market value, all while incurring minimal L2 gas fees.Question 1
Why LuckyBid?
How is it different from other marketplaces?
Why choose the Layer2 solution?
How can I be sure LuckyBid draws are 100% fair?
How can I earn rewards?
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